Studio Teacher List

All teachers listed below are members of the American String Teachers Association.  We suggest that you interview potential teachers for qualifications, experience, and policies.  We are proud of the high quality of string teaching in Arizona and know you will find the right teacher here.

Are you an ASTA-AZ member and wish to be listed here?

Email your request with contact information to [email protected].


Dr. Xiaolin Li; violin;  [email protected] 

Dr. Katherine Shields; violin, viola, chamber music. (480) 980-6516 or [email protected]

Dr. Dan Swaim; bass. (480) 839-3764 or [email protected]

Dr. Jonathan Swartz; violin. [email protected]


Shelley Rich; violin. (928) 600-2908 or [email protected]

Dr. Karin Hallberg; violin. 928-863-0334 or [email protected]


VerRona Grandil; violin/viola. [email protected]  or (602) 692-0020

Ajay Patel; cello. 480-221-3955 or [email protected] 

Ikuko Kanda Whitehouse: Violin/Viola, [email protected]


Kathryn Siegfried; violin and viola. (480) 254-4537 or [email protected]

Litchfield Park

Claire Gordon; violin and viola. 623-547-0373 or [email protected]

Mary Wilkening; cello. (623) 935-5313 or [email protected]


Marie Guthrie; cello. (602) 405-7800 or [email protected]

Paradise Valley

Emmanuelle Scully; violin. [email protected]


Nancy Buck; viola. [email protected]

Dr. Carolyn Broe; violin, viola, cello. (602) 493-3118, 602 738-6630 (cell) or [email protected]

Roberta Chorlton; violin. 602-253-5055 or [email protected] 

Dr. Luciana Gallo; Cello. (608) 732 2038. [email protected]

John Haggard; violin/viola. (480) 753-0979 Home or (480) 861-2172 Cell [email protected]

Mary Harrah; viola and violin. (480) 967-3447  [email protected]

Marlene Rausch; violin and chamber music. (480) 473-7152

Susanne Rothaar; violin/viola advanced students only. (480) 262-7660 Cell or [email protected]

Russell Schmidt; jazz violin/jazz studies. (480) 759-4660

Beth Schneider-Gould; violin. (513) 703-2539 or [email protected]

Dagmar Suchon; violin. (602) 653-7980 or [email protected] or

Sujoy Thorlakson; violin, viola, recorder, piano. (602) 509-9305 or [email protected]

Catherine Warmack; violin. (214) 704-9176 or [email protected]


Kent Gugler; violin, mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass. (928) 778-1360 or [email protected]

Philip A. Kuhns; violin and viola. (928) 445-0457 or [email protected]


Dr. Carolyn Broe; violin, viola, cello. (602) 493-3118, 602 738-6630 (cell) or [email protected]

Helen Brush; violin, viola. (480) 948-6920 or [email protected]

Dr. Charlotte Farney; cello, begin. violin in your home. (480) 922-6240 [email protected]

Pat Fisher; cello and piano. [email protected]

Mary Harrah; viola and violin. (480) 967-3447  [email protected]

Danica Terzic; violin. (480) 219-0506 or [email protected]

Patty Waxman; violin. (602) 908-2929 or [email protected]


Nancy Buck; viola. [email protected]

Dr. Luciana Gallo; Cello. (608) 732 2038. [email protected]

Mary Harrah; viola and violin. (480) 967-3447  [email protected]

Dr. Jonathan Swartz; violin. [email protected]


Dr. Theodore Buchholz; cello. (520) 307-5390 or [email protected]

Adrienne Cannon (AdieTrinity Music Studio)    [email protected]

Melanie Olsen Fan; violin. [email protected]

Michael Fan; violin. [email protected]

Mary Alice McCann; cello.  (617) 960-6945 or [email protected]

Rebecca Foreman; harp. (520) 909-2723 or [email protected]

Rebecca McKee; Suzuki violin and viola. (520) 909-4496 or [email protected]

Holly Schurr; violin and viola. (520) 401-7267 or [email protected]

Dr. Laura Tagawa; violin and viola. (520) 461-4535 or [email protected]

Mary Beth Tyndall; cello. (520) 884-4308 or [email protected]

Alice Vierra; cello. 202-365-4980 or [email protected]


Margaret Fenske; violin, viola, cello, bass. 928-261-6444 or [email protected]